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Attend a MCITP-SA Bootcamp that Teaches for the Test and Provides Hands-On

Microsoft bootcamps have been around for quite some time. There was a time, however, where bootcamps became very short, suspiciously short. These MCSE and MCSA bootcamps were being completed in about 2 weeks (and yes, that’s for 7 modules / 7 tests, not realistic). The giveback was that people were cutting out the hands-on portions of the bootcamps and were focusing entirely on studying for the test. Not too long after this came about the term “paper tiger” was formed. The “paper tiger” was someone who had a certification but couldn’t perform on the job. Today’s MCITP-SA shouldn’t be taught that way. Today’s bootcamps need to incorporate lab work and test prep to develop a true professional.

The reason bootcamp training must incorporate a mix of hands-on and test prep is because today’s IT workforce weeds out paper tigers in the interview process. Technical questions based on application and real life scenario are what interviewers focus on. Often times, in a job interview, the interviewer will even have the interviewee apply a few tasks that demonstrate the skill sets necessary to do the job.

With this being the case and with Microsoft certification exams these days asking application based questions, and in some cases even offering lab simulators, people can no longer trust a MCSE, MCSA or MCITP-SA bootcamp that doesn’t both prep for the test and offer substantial hands-on training.

The Best MCITP-SA Bootcamp Available

A while ago Microsoft labeled certain schools that were willing to go through heavy levels of training scrutiny and meet high levels of academic standard with an accreditation called the Microsoft Official IT Academy. The Microsoft IT Academy stamp of approval is something that Microsoft placed on schools that they feel teaches the MCITP-SA in a manner that best fits the material taught. A Microsoft IT Academy teaches the MCITP SA bootcamp in a way that was created by Microsoft, that uses the Microsoft Official Academic Curriculum and is taught by a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). The class at an Official IT Academy is hands-on, incorporates labs with about 70% of the class time and also mixes in material to prep for the exams. The exams that are covered (in the MCITP-SA) are:

70-640: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring
70-642: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring
70-646: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator